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Impact Wrestling 8/4/16 Results

In-ring segment: EC3 and Mike Bennett w/Maria Kanellis Bennett

Bennett tells EC3 that it must be nice having an aunt in high places. EC3 tells Bennett that his aunt has nothing to do with this. Bennett says Dixie Carter has been against him since he arrived. He had the hardest road in the Bound for Glory playoffs. No matter what happens EC3 will never be able to take away the fact that Bennett was the first person to defeat him. EC3 says tonight they will find out who truly is “Bound for Glory”.

Moose walks down the ramp. EC3 is distracted long enough for Bennett to attack EC3 from behind. Moose and Bennett destroy EC3. Moose choke bombs EC3 off the top rope to cap off the beat down.

Backstage, Gail Kim asks Maria who she will be fighting tonight. Maria says Kim will never get a shot at the Knockouts title again. Tonight she will be fighting Allie.
Gail Kim vs Allie

Maria comes out to tell Kim that she will actually have two opponents in this match tonight. Kim will face Allie, and the TNA Knockouts Champion, Sienna.


Kim tries to attack Allie, but Sienna smashes her from behind. Sienna steps on Kim’s neck and tells Allie to get in the ring. Allie refuses. Sienna tags Allie in. Sienna tries to teach Kim how to stomp. Kim drops Allie, but Sienna gets back in the ring and saves Allie. Sienna and Allie take turns beating down Kim. Kim attempts a body scissors, but Sienna reverses it into a wheel barrel suplex. Allie tags in and picks up Kim for a body slam. Allie can’t quite get Kim up. Kim falls onto Allie. Sienna grabs Kim and pulls her off of Allie. Kim knocks Sienna off of the apron. Kim is all alone with Allie. Kim splashes Allie in the corner. Kim hits a modified neck breaker. Kim sets up Eat da feat, but Sienna breaks it up. Sienna hits the Ak-47 on Kim. Allie pins Kim, but Kim somehow kicks out. Sienna goes for the Silencer, but Kim moves out of the way, which causes Sienna to run over Allie. Kim tosses Sienna out of the ring and pins Allie.

Winner- Gail Kim

Bound for Glory Playoff Finals- The Miracle Mike Bennett vs EC3

EC3 floors Bennett with a shoulder tackle. EC3 picks up Bennett and lights him up with multiple short arm knife edge chops. Bennett surprises EC3 with a big boot for a two count. EC3 ducks Bennett’s clothesline attempt and responds with a clothesline of his own. EC3 press slams Bennett. EC3 hits the ropes for a splash, but Bennett gets his knees up.

After a short break, Bennett is working an abdominal stretch on EC3. Bennett reaches out and gets a hand from Maria on the outside. EC3 hip tosses Bennett to break the hold. Spine buster by Bennett for another near fall. EC3 and Bennett both attempt a crossbody which leads to them both writhing in pain in the middle of the ring. Bennett and EC3 trade punches. EC3 hits a jawbreaker on Bennett. EC3 misses the EC3 splash in the corner. Bennett waist locks EC3 and German suplexes him twice. Bennett attempts another, but EC3 reverses and destroys Bennett with a release German suplex. Flapjack by EC3. EC3 calls for the One Percenter, but Bennett reverses. EC3 rolls up Bennett and transitions into a sit out powerbomb for another near fall. EC3 Russian leg sweeps Bennett into the turnbuckle EC3 climbs the ropes, but Maria distracts him long enough for Bennett to cut EC3 off.

Bennett hits a cutter off the top for a two count. Maria tosses a kendo stick into the ring. The referee ejects Maria from ringside. EC3 hits the One Percenter, but Bennett kicks out. Moose comes to ringside. Eddie Edwards comes from outta nowhere and takes out Moose via a suicide dive! Bennett smashes EC3 in the ribs with the kendo stick and hits the MIP. EC3 kicks out at 2.9. EC3 locks in his cobra clutch, but Bennett turns it into a pin. EC3 again manages to kick out. Bennett lifts up EC3 for another MIP. EC3 reverse that into the One Percenter for the win!

Winner and New Number One Contender for the TNA Championship, EC3!


Impact Wrestling Results [728/16]

Allie tells Madison Rayne that Maria will see her now. Madison really caught her eye last week, and thanks her for stepping up. Madison says that she didn’t do it for her, she’s the Queen B of the Knockouts, and she’s been pushed aside by Maria so her beast of a champion and chipmunk assistant can be star players. Madison wants to know what Maria will do for her when she beats Gail Kim? Maria tells Madison that they’ll see if she beats Gail Kim.


Impact Wrestling [7/21/16] Results

july 21

Maria Kanellis & Allie Backstage Segment: 

Maria Kanellis is backstage with Allie saying she doesn’t want to give a State of the Knockouts address, and Allie tells her she’s the best leader of the Knockouts Division ever.  Maria tells her to stop kissing her ass, but Allie says it helps her to meditate, and she shows Maria how it’s done, but Maria just walks out.

Maria Kanellis State of the Address Segment: 

The entire knockout’s division are in the ring. Allie introduces Maria. Some people believe that Maria have abused her power. Maria apologizes for causing any harm that may have happen to any member in the Knockout’s Division. Maria wants to know if anybody has any grievances. Allie grabs the mic and talks about how much of a inspiration Maria is. She wants to know how can they become like her? Maria says that all of you have to do is believe in her vision.

Jade wants to know when she’s getting her one on one opportunity because she was screwed over by the bitch Marti Belle. Marti Belle says that Jade is a stupida. Gail Kim knows that she won’t get another opportunity because Maria is scared of her. Maria knows that Gail is going into the TNA Hall of Fame and that’s all fine and dandy, but she’s not going to get another title shot because she’s selfish. Gail is perplexed by the notion that she’s selfish. Jade and Marti Belle get into a massive brawl at ringside. Rayne plants Gail with a rolling cutter. Rayne says that it’s nothing personal, but it’s time for everybody to look out for themselves.

Impact Wrestling [7/12/16] Results


Mike Bennett and Maria are backstage heading to find Eddie Edwards. DJ Z confronts Bennett and challenges to meet him in the ring. The Miracle accepts as we head to commercial break.

Maria introduces “The Miracle” Mike Bennett as we return from the break. DJ z arrives to make his second in ring appearance of the night.

Mike Bennett vs DJ Z

Maria is on the apron and distracts DJ Z. Bennett attacks Z from behind and beats him down to take early control of the match. The Pope on commentary compares DJ Z to Ricky Steamboat….. Meanwhile, Bennett continues to have the advantage. DJ eventually fights back and hits a dropkick and flying spring board elbow. Z hits a high back elbow but as he rolls, He is caught in a diamond cutter by Bennett for a near fall. Bennett then takes Z to the top rope, Z fights back to get out of that predicament but is caught in an impressive looking spine buster for a near fall by The Miracle. They both battle to the outside and Z head scissors Bennett to the outside of the ring and then Z hits a plancha to the outside on top of Bennett and then also hits a hurrancanrana. As DJ Z climbs to the top rope to attempt another aerial move. Bennett rolls away and decides to leave. The stars of the X division arrive in the ramp way to prevent the Miracle from leaving. Bennett gets back in the ring and DJ Z rolls him up for the victory. 


Post match, Mike Bennett gets on the mic and is irate. He says this is not how things were supposed to go tonight. He claims that he is going to burn TNA to the ground but he is not going to do it by himself.

Mike Bennett is on the phone in the backstage area. He tells someone on the phone. Get here tonight so that we can burn down TNA together.

Impact Wrestling 7/5/16 Results

We cut to inside the arena and Mike Bennett is in the ring with Maria. The “Miracle” Mike Bennett claims that he is the biggest star in TNA history, has a near perfect record and that he is the greatest X division champ of all time…. Out comes Dixie Carter to confront Mike Bennett. She tells Mike Bennett that he can only use Option C if he competes in an Ultimate X match with the entire X Division roster. Dixie declares that the match is going to happen right now.

Meanwhile back in a wrestling ring…… An Angry Mike Bennett is upset that he has lost his option C and X Division Title. Maria calls out Dixie Carter but instead Billy Corgan comes out to the ring. Maria pleads with Corgan to hear their grievances and that she should be the president of TNA and not Dixie Carter. Maria demands that it is either her or Dixie that will remain with the company. Out comes Dixie, Maria hides behind “The Miracle” because she doesn’t trust Dixie. She then begins to scream “You or Me” repeatedly at Dixie. Carter says she is calling Maria’s bluff and that Maria is a manipulator and that Dixie hired them to make a difference in the company and not be a joke. Mike Bennett states that he is the reason everyone watches TNA and is demanding that he is put into the main event at Destination X or he and Maria will walk. Back to more Maria “Me or You” ranting. Billy Corgan yells to defuse the situation. He compliments Maria and The Miracle but then proceeds to call them children. Corgan says that Bennett blew his chance and that is backing Dixie Carter. Corgan says if Bennett and Maria want to leave, He will hold the door open for them. Bennett says he is not going to leave but instead, He is going to ruin the entire Destination X show. They both leave the ring.


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Maria added new items in her eBay store! A new autographed 8×10 photo from Lee South, a top that she wore on Monday Night Raw and a dress worn on a Impact Wrestling Taping. Be sure to click the link below to view the items and make your purchase today!

Maria’s eBay store

Impact Wrestling [6/28/16] results

Mike Bennett, Maria Kanellis, Ethan Carter III, Billy Corgan and Bobby Lashley In-Ring Promo: 

Maria wants to thanks Billy Corgan for being a fair leader unlike Dixie Carter who hit her in the face. Bennett says that he has the golden ticket to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Not only will Bennett become the greatest X-Division wrestler of all time, but at Destination X he will become the TNA champion. Bennett says that Lashley has nothing on him. Lashley tells Bennett that he woke the sleeping giant. Lashley is not going to call Bennett the Miracle. Lashley says that Bennett is not half the man he is. Bennett asks Lashley if he’s trying to scare him. Lashley said that he took out Kurt Angle and Bennett is nothing, but a after thought. Bennett says that Lashley may be a bad dude, but he’s not the miracle. Bennett doesn’t care if Lashley, EC3 or Galloway tear each other apart. EC3 comes down to the ring.

EC3 says that he wants the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. EC3 said that Bennett kissed Billy Corgan ass in order to become X-Division champion. EC3 calls Bennett a piece of shit. Billy Corgan appears on the stage. Corgan says that he’s a business observer. Corgan said that Bennett deserved the X-Division Championship. EC3 says that Bennett brings down the X-Division. Bennett says that he doesn’t need a match until Destination X. Corgan says that Bennett isn’t going to talk his way into the main event of Destination X. Corgan announces that there will be a battle royal to determine the number one contender to the X-Division Championship. Bennett and Lashley double teams EC3 in the corner, but Galloway comes down to the ring and makes the save. Galloway accidentally drops EC3 with the Claymore.


Impact Wrestling [6/21/16] Results

The Bennetts come out and criticize Dixie Carter, who comes out with Billy Corgan. Maria threatens to sue Dixie, and Dixie says that they’ve lost their minds. Corgan sides with Maria and Mike, and tells Dixie to take a week off. Bennett thanks Corgan, and then says he wants an X Division Title shot so he can cash in ‘Option C.’ Instead, Bennett is granted a title match right now! Bennett cut a good promo on fans saying he’s not an X-Division wrestler.

X Division Title
Eddie Edwards (c) vs. Mike Bennett (w/ Maria)

Both men go back and forth until Eddie Edwards hits a top rope huracanrana. Maria distracts Edwards, allowing Bennett to hit a cutter and get the advantage. Miracle counters a sunset flip and grabs the ropes to win the title!

Winner: “Miracle” Mike Bennett via pinfall to become TNA X-Division Champion

Xplosion Action! Mandrews vs. “The Miracle” Mike Bennett w/ Maria

Beyond Wrestling “Territorial Pissings – Uncensored #InTheSack with Matt Taven, Mike Bennett & Maria Kanellis