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PEREZ HILTON: What A Hypocrite! Watch Donald Trump Fire A Female Celebrity Apprentice Contestant For ‘Locker Room’ Talk In 2010!


Wait, Donald Trump is a major hypocrite? You don’t say! On Monday night, The Daily Show unearthed a very inneresting clip of Donald firing Celebrity Apprentice contestant Maria Kanellis in 2010 over alleged “locker room” talk. The ironic video comes on the heels of Drumpf’s 2005 “grab them by the p*ssy” scandal with fellow misogynist Billy Bush. While the politician sort of “apologized” for the heinous comments,  he repeatedly referred to the leaked audio as “locker room talk” at Sunday’s presidential debate. In the laughable footage, Mr. Trump chastises Kanellis for using the word “crap” in reference to fellow contestant Curtis Stone. Apparently the athlete was NOT happy with Curtis’ decision to take a smelly dump in her dressing room, which she openly voiced to Donald. While the word “crap” and bathroom talk is child’s play in comparison to the politician’s explicit words about women, Maria was fired anyway. Check out the frustrating moment (below)!

Damn, we’re drowning in hypocrisy over here! The 70-year-old clearly doesn’t hold himself to the same standards he sets for others. As for the wrestler, she has retweeted some articles about the unfair firing but has yet to give an official statement.2 So, what do YOU think of this clip? Source

TNA Wrestling: Bound For Glory PPV Results

Jeremy Borash interviews Chef Robert Irvine about his wife, Gail Kim’s, TNA Hall of Fame induction ceremony tonight. Mike Bennett and Maria interrupt Irvine and tell him to leave. Irvine says that he has a premonition, tonight will be a very bad night for Bennett and Maria.

Maria says that tonight is about miracles and she will prove she is the best Knockouts Champion of all time. Bennett says that Maria will handle Gail, while he will handle MOOSE. These people might be saying MOOSE, but by the end of tonight, they will be saying, “Yes We Do.”

TNA Knockouts Title: Maria Kanellis (c) w/Allie vs. Gail Kim

Maria says before the match that she has some bad news. She met with the doctor and her hand is still broken and she cannot compete tonight. Allie says that she has super good news, the doctor said she can compete tonight. Maria calls Allie stupid and says she won’t be wrestling. Maria slaps Gail and the bell sounds as Gail gives chase. Maria uses Allie as a shield as a way to hit Gail. In the ring, Maria gets 2. Maria goes to work on Gail. Maria takes off the cast on her hand and continues the attack on Gail. Gail fights back, but Maria nails her with a clothesline and a spinebuster for 2. Maria yells at Gail to stay down. Mike Bennett comes out and throws the cast to Maria, but Gail stops it. Gail nails Bennett off the apron, then while the ref was distracted, Maria nails Gail with the cast, but Gail kicks out! Maria asks Allie to hand her the cast, but Allie throws it to Gail. Gail throws the cast away and goes to work on Maria. Gail takes Maria down and locks in the Ringpost Figure Four. Back in, Gail flips Maria off and hits Eat Defeat to win the title.

Winner and NEW TNA Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim by pinfall (Eat Defeat)

Gail celebrates with her family and friends after as Bennett checks on Maria. Bennett grabs the mic and whines about how this was not supposed to go down. Bennett rips on the crowd and says he is shutting this show down and there is no one who can stop me! The lights go out and music plays for the debut of Cody and Brandi Rhodes, who make their way to the ring. Cody and Bennett stare each other down in the ring. Loud chant for Cody in Orlando. Maria gets in Cody’s face and tells him he shouldn’t be here that he should go back to the WWE, but then Brandi gets in Maria’s face. Maria slaps Brandi, but Brandi nails Maria. Cody and Bennett trade strikes, but then Cody wipes him out with Beautiful Disaster! The Bennetts go fleeing as the Rhodes stand tall in the ring.

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Impact Wrestling 9/29/16 Results

Backstage, Maria is back to yelling at Allie. The First Lady tells Allie heading into BFG everything must be perfect unlike last week. She forces Allie to apologize multiple times. Laurel Van Ness rolls in and Maria tells Allie how much better LVN is compared to her. She then instructs Allie to introduce LVN in the match tonight and don’t mess it up.

Backstage, Lashley is talking to his team. He tells them if they win, he will make sure that one of those guys will get the first shot at his TNA title. And that guy will be the one who earns it by taking out Ethan Carter.

There is a previously taped sit down interview with Maria and Gail Kim conducted by McKenzie Mitchell. Gail Kim calls Maria a bully, a manipulator, and just evil. Gail talks about how special it will be to finally get her hands on Maria. The First Lady says that TNA isn’t a wrestling company but an entertainment company and Maria is in the star making business. Gail says it’s not about the title or the HOF but about getting her hands on Maria finally.

Lethal Lockdown Match

Maria slowly makes her way to the ring. She says she’s not ready to enter the ring so waits on the outside. Therefore, it is pretty even in the ring between the two teams.
Gail Kim’s time to come out has come and she runs down, chases Maria around the ring, and puts her in the ring. Maria hides behind her husband but then he is knocked over by EC3. Maria then runs to the back and Gail chases after her.

Impact Wrestling 9/15/16

Backstage Segment: Maria Kanellis-Bennett 

Maria says she can’t wait to find out who she will be facing at Bound for Glory for her Knockouts title. She doesn’t want to step on Gail Kim’s hall of fame induction, so we will have the ceremony tonight instead of at BFG.

In Ring Segment: Maria and Allie

Maria says she is the greatest Knockout Champion. Unfortunately, everyone wants to talk about someone else. The crowd starts to chant for Allie. Maria says no, it’s not Allie. Allie is stupid and common just like everyone else in the arena. Maria calls Gail Kim to come to the ring so they can get her hall of fame induction out of the way. Maria airs a video package featuring all the times she has attacked Kim. Maria tells Kim that she wrote her speech for her: “Maria is better than me” the end. Maria gives Kim a picture of herself as the championship. Allie says she actually got Kim a gift because she thinks Kim is the greatest Knockout of all time. Allie tries to give Kim her gift, but Maria grabs it and stomps on it. Dixie Carter joins them in the ring and tells Maria that as long as she is the Knockouts champion it is a conflict of interest for Maria to be in charge of the Knockouts. Dixie says Kim will get her proper induction at BFG. Dixie also enters Kim in the gauntlet match to determine the number one contender for the Knockouts championship.

Knockouts Gauntlet Match

Jade and Allie are to kick off the gauntlet. Before Allie can get in the ring, Maria comes out and tells Allie that she has someone better than her in the match tonight. Maria introduces Laurel Van Ness.

Gail Kim faces Maria at Bound For Glory.

Impact Wrestling [9/8/16] Results

“The Miracle” Mike Bennett is headed to ringside with his wife, New Knockouts Champion Maria. Bennett takes the mic in ring. Bennett talks about his childhood. How he was taught by his mother to not bite the mouth that feeds him. Bennett says that he is the only person in TNA that grew up with a good mother. He states that he should be TNA world champion now but the reason he is not is because of Moose. He calls him ungrateful. Says that their relationship was a good one. He gave the orders and Moosedid what he told him to. Bennett says he brought Moose into this company and can take him out. Bennett reveals that he sent Moose a strongly worded text message that informed Moose that he was fired.

Out comes Dixie Carter to address Mike Bennett. Carter begs Bennett to wrap it up. That the fans are here to watch wrestling not “As The Miracle Turns”. Moose says that he and his wife should be running TNA. Carter questions Bennett’s judgment and states that she has an announcement for him. Bennett says that he senses that Dixie has done the right thing and will give Bennett a world title match at Bound For Glory. Dixie states that her announcement is about Bound For Glory but she is not adding The Miracle to the main event. Dixie announces that she has officially signed the man that Bennett has just fired. Moose and that he will be Bennett’s opponent at Bound For Glory. Moose’s theme music hits. He comes out with an Impact wrestling shirt on. Moose heads to the ring to confront Bennett.

Bennett pleads with Moose to leave him alone. Moose grabs Bennett by the throat and places him on the top turnbuckle. As he is about to hit the “Go to Hell”. Maria sneaks up from behind and hits Moose with her knockouts title. This temporarily distracts Moose and gives Bennett the chance to run away from him. Bennett crawls up the rampway with a scared and shocked look on his face.

Back from the break. Mike Bennett and Maria are backstage. They confront Dixie Carter looking for a way out of Bennett’s match vs Moose. Dixie says that Bennett’s contract will be breached if he doesn’t wrestle the match. Dixie then takes issue with Maria being the knockouts champion. She says since Maria is the champ. It’s a conflict of interest for her to run the knockouts division. So Maria is stripped of her duties as knockouts leader and will now be forced to defend her knockouts title at Bound For Glory. Dixie says that Maria’s match will be determined next week. Maria goes on a tirade as we head back to ringside.

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Impact Wrestling 9/1/16 Results


Mike Bennett, Bobby Lashley and Moose In-Ring Segment: 

For the last year Mike Bennett has been asking the entire Impact Zone one question. Do you believe in miracles? The answer to that question has always been yes we do. The reason why you chant yes we do is because you’re apart of the Miracle Movement. The Miracle Movement was to meant to save TNA, but now Bennett will become the next TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Bennett calls himself the very best professional wrestler in the world.

Bennett surrounds himself with the most successful people on planet earth. His beautiful wife of course, Maria Kanellis Bennett and Moose the most destructive force in professional wrestling. Speaking of Moose, Bennett knows that Lashley is trying to form a wedge between them. Bennett calls Moose down to the ring. Bobby Lashley comes down to the ring to interrupt Bennett. Lashley tells Bennett Moose wants nothing to do with him. He says they don’t need rules and Bennett calls him on it.

Lashley says whatever, make it a No Disqualification match because Bennett doesn’t have Mooose. Bennett says that Lashley is jealous of Moose. Bennett says he will take the title and Lashley says he’s confident. There is no one that can stop him. Moose comes down to the ring. Moose says that it’s real funny, how everyone is talking about him. In fact you’ve got the whole Impact Zone chanting Moose. Ever since Moose came to TNA, he has let his actions do the talking. And who got in my way, I knocked the straight on their ass. Bennett and Lashley knows this. Moose denies having dinner with Lashley. Bennett goes on a soliloquy about how Moose is his property. Moose hasn’t forgotten what happened, and he will decide who becomes the Champion tonight.

Allie’s TNA Knockout’s Championship Celebration: 

Allie says that never in a trillion years would she think that this day would come. Allie thanks the fans for chanting her name. Allie says that she wants to thank the most favorite person in the entire universe. Out comes a frustrated former knockouts champ Sienna to confront Allie. Maria tells Sienna to calm down and take the night off. Allie goes to thank Maria for this celebration.

Maria says that this celebration is not for Allie. She calls Allie worthless. She says that she messed up the knockouts division by winning last week. Maria says that the celebration is not for Allie but for he opponent. A saddened Allie tells Maria that she gave all the knockouts the night off and she doesn’t understand why Maria is saying this to her. Maria asks Allie to lay down in the center of the ring. She calls a ref into the ring. Maria threatens to fire Allie if she doesn’t lay down. Allie is crying as she lays in the ring.

Fourth Match: Allie (c) vs. Maria Kanellis Bennett for the TNA Knockout’s Championship 

Kanellis immediately pins Allie to pickup the victory. After the match Allie wraps the title around Bennett’s waist. Allie introduces Maria as the brand new TNA Knockout’s Champion.

Winner: New TNA Knockout’s Champion Maria Kanellis

Fifth Match: Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Mike Bennett w/Maria Kanellis Bennett in a No Disqualification Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship 

Maria distracts Lashley from the ring apron as the bell rings. Lashley with a series of right hands to Bennett. Lashley rams his shoulder repeatedly to the midsection of Bennett in the corner. Lashley follows that up with a corner spear. Bennett ducks a clothesline from Lashley. Bennett with a forearm to Lashley. Lashley with a back body drop to Bennett. Lashley connects with the delayed vertical suplex. Moose comes down the ring with a lead pipe. Coming out of the break Bennett stomps on Lashley’s chest. Bennett bounces Lashley’s head on the top turnbuckle.

Bennett with a corner splash followed by a big boot to the face of Lashley for a two count. Bennett with a low dropkick to Lashley for a two count. Maria comes into the ring and attacks Lashley in the back with her brace. Bennett goes for the pin, but Lashley kicks out at the count of two. Bennett tosses Lashley to the outside. Maria hits Lashley in the face with the Knockouts Championship. Moose rolls Lashley back into the ring. Bennett goes for the pin, but Lashley kicks out at the count of two.

Bennett with a discus forearm to Lashley.  Lashley school boys Bennett for a two count. Lashley with a side slam to Bennett. Lashley with a running lariat to Bennett in the corner. Lashley gets Bennett trapped in the Torture Rack. Bennett breaks free, but Lashley counters with a spine buster. Lashley goes for the Spear, but Maria holds onto Lashley’s boot from the outside. Bennett plants Lashley with a Cutter for a two count. Moose keeps the lead pipe away from Bennett and walks to the back. Lashley connects with the Spear to pickup the victory. After the match Bennett calls Moose a dumb animal. Bennett says that Moose is failed football player. He’s nothing without Bennett. Bennett reads Moose the riot act. Bennett slaps Moose in the face. Moose clotheslines Bennett.

Winner: Still TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley 


Impact Wrestling [8/25/16] Results

Backstage, Moose is PISSED at Bennett. Miracle is trying to blame Eddie Edwards. Maria Kanellis, who is there, soon gets the camera to leave.

Maria is backstage yelling at Allie for not informing her about Sienna’s knockouts title defense tonight. Maria wants to know who made that match without her consent. They start discussing emails when Billy Corgan arrives and tells Maria that he made the match. Maria calls Corgan and herself equals. Of which, Corgan takes exception and states that they are not equals. He is the president of TNA now. Corgan says that contractually, He can’t make Gail Kim the opponent for Sienna one on one but tells Sienna that he has something else planned for her tonight. Sienna isn’t worried. Corgan tells her that her match is up next and that it might be more than one person.

Maria arrives at ringside to watch the action. Any sequence in this match where Sienna tries to enlist Allie’s help. It backfires. The finishing sequence sees a frantic finish where all 5 women are in the ring trading finishers.Allie even gets in an offensive move of her own. Jade hits a package piledriver on Rayne and lays her out. Bell breaks up the fall. Bell pulls out her baton and tries to use it. Allie takes it away and accidentally hits Sienna with it. Which knocks her out of the ring. Bell regains hold of her baton and goes to hit Allie with it. She knocks Allie down on top of a fallen Madison Rayne and Allie gets the 3 count on Rayne to win The Knockouts title.

Allie defeated Sienna, Madison Rayne, Marti Bell & Jade to become The New TNA Knockouts Champion

– Post match. Referee Earl Hebner wakes up an unconscious Allie and presents her with The Knockouts title. Maria is shocked at ringside.

Highlights are shown from the unlikely Allie knockouts title win from earlier. She is then shown backstage hyper ventilating while she stares at he title. Allie is speaking in a rapid fire fashion about how happy she is and how the crowd chanted for her when she won. She is asked about how Maria will feel. Which causes her to pause and feel sad.

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Impact Wrestling [8/18/16] Results

Moose is then shown backstage having a conversation with The Miracle Mike Bennett. Moose tells Bennett that he looks forward to beating up Edwards. Bennett says that he has bigger and better things in mind for his own future. That match is up next.


The stipulation put in place before the match is that the loser of this one will never challenge for the TNA Knockouts title again. Battle of friends being forced to face each other by “Knockouts Leader” Maria. Good back and forth action early on. Evenly matched with a fair share of counters and reversals. The action eventually spills to the outside. Gail Kim hits a variation of the 619 on Jade using the ring post. She follows that up trying to springboard off of the ropes onto Jade but is caught in mid air and Jade hits a gut buster. Both women struggle to get back on their feet and then into the ring. Action picks up after they both exchange strikes. Gail Kim hits a tilt a whirl head scissors, clothesline and senton that lead to a 2 count. She then climbs to the top rope and misses a cross body. After a martial arts kick by Jade on Kim. They both end up in a rolling small package that eventually rolls onto referee Earl Hebner. Both women struggle to their feet, Jade misses a kick. Gail counters with her finisher, Eat defeat. Just as she covers Jade for the potential victory. Sienna runs out and pulls Gail outside the ring. The referee calls for the bell and the disqualification. Sienna hits the AK 47 on Gail Kim on the outside floor. She then runs into the ring and hits the silencer on Jade.


Maria comes out on to the stage and announces that Gail Kim will never challenge for the TNA Knockouts title again. The announcers question that because Gail actually won her match.


Maria scheduled to be at ‘The Big Event 11’ NY convention!


Maria is currently scheduled to be at the Big Event 11 on November 19th, 2015 in New York.


Info on the Event:


November 19th, 2016 10am – 2pm

LaGuardia Plaza Hotel, 104-04 Ditmars Boulevard, East Elmhurst, NY  

For more information go to

Impact Wrestling Results [August 11, 2016]


Maria and Allie are backstage. Gail Kim confronts Maria to ask who her opponent is going to be tonight. Out of nowhere comes Marti Bell who attacks Kim from behind with a baton. Maria announces that Kim will face Marti in a no dq match tonight.



The stipulation in play for Kim is she has to continue to win these challenges if she wants to compete for the Knockouts title again. Gail Kim and Marti Bell start fighting on the ramp way before the match begins. Maria and Allie make their way to ringside. Bell gets the early advantage in the ring hitting Kim with a couple of suplexes and kicking her in the corner. As Gail Kim fights back, Allie tries to interfere but Kim stops her. The distraction is enough to let Marti attack Kim from behind and then beat up on her on the outside. They battle back in the ring and knock each other down. Gail Kim appears on the verge of winning but Maria gets involved and pushes Gail off of the top rope. Maria then instructs Allie to get inside the ring and attack Kim with the steel baton. Kim thwarts Allie’s attempt to hit her and throws her into Marti. She then rolls up Bell in a small package for the win. Post match. Marti Bell attacks Gail Kim. Jade makes the save for Gail and clears the ring. An irate Maria gets on the mic and makes a match for next week where Jade will face Gail Kim.