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Welcome to Maria Kanellis Network, your unlimited source for all things Maria Kanellis-Bennett! Known as a Playboy CoverGirl, Model, Entrepenuer, The Kingdom Member (ROH), Lady Squad (TNA), now Power of Love with WWE Superstar Mike Kanellis. On MKanellis Network, we provide the latest up-to-date news on Maria. Along with our growing gallery filled with photos on her career. Thanks for visitng and be sure to bookmark us for a later visit!
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ROH Road To Best In The World Night 2 Results (6/7)


“Unbreakable” Michael Elgin vs. Michael Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis ends in a no-contest after Michael Bennett tries to use a chair in their match. Michael Elgin asks for the match to be restarted as a no DQ and the match is made. They again go to a no contest after Adam Cole attacks Elgin, tying him to the ropes and cutting off his signature mullet. Cole, Bennett and Maria antagonize Elgin until his wife MsChif comes down to the ring and tries to save him, but instead Cole locks her in the Figure-Four-Leglock as Elgin watches from the ropes. Cole, Bennett and Maria leave, Elgin is freed from the ropes and he takes out his frustrations on the security team, beating them down as officials try to attend to MsChif.


Maria addresses rumors on ‘In Your Head’ Interview

Movie Trailer for “The Opposite Sex” Now up!

Maria said on twitter she was up on a new movie now you can see the trailer by clicking the link below. Due to content in the trailer we can’t put it up on here because some of our visitors may be underage.

The Opposite Sex Trailer

Mike & Maria on set for a Horror Movie Project


horror movie horrormovie

Maria shared on instagram that Mike and herself are going to be in a horror movie, this is their first time together. To both Maria and Mike I wish you the best of luck and can’t wait how the movie looks like when it’s completed! 🙂


Maria InstagramTwitter

Mike   Inagram — Twitter

Mike & Maria in Wonderland: Episode 17

In Your Head Wrestling Interview with Maria

Then we were joined by Maria Kanellis going over:
– The Diva Search
– Paul Heyman
– Sara Del Rey
– Brutal Bob Evans
– Cheeseburger
– Horror films
– Mike Bennett
– Internet rumors
– Much more including her upcoming appearance for New England Fanfest June 21st in Warwick, RI. For your ticket information please visit:


Maria and Debra Live on at 8:05pm!


Maria will be answering fan question along side with Debra! Make sure you leave your question in IYH Wrestling’s Discussion Board or Call in by using this number 1-508-644-8503.

Discussion Board

Video: Maria & Michael + Tanahashi Entrance in ROH War of the Worlds

Mike and Maria in Wonderland: Episode 16

ROH: War of the Worlds (5/17) Results

In-ring: Michael Bennett and Maria Kanellis were introduced for the first match coming out of intermission. New Japan top star Hiroshi Tanahashi was introduced next to a strong reaction.

6 — MICHAEL BENNETT (w/Maria Kanellis) vs. TANAHASHI

After the bell sounded, Bennett left the ring to make out with Maria, taunting Tanahashi. Bennett then taunted Tanahashi’s air-guitar pose and re-entered the ring as the announcers discussed ROH fans never accepting Bennett. Maria then grabbed Tanahashi’s foot to slow him down and give Bennett an opening. But, Tanahahi responded with armdrags into an air-guitar pose. Tanahashi wanted a top-rope move, but Bennett got up and superkicked Tanahashi down to the floor.

On the outside, Tanahashi and Bennett traded control bashing each other into the barricade. Bennett then hit behind Maria, Bennett pushed Maria into Tanahashi, Maria kissed Tanahashi, and Bennett clotheslined Tanahashi to the floor. “I’m the best in the world!” Bennett shouted to boos. 

Back in the ring, Bennett and Tanahashi traded control. Tanahashi then teased a Texas Cloverleaf, but Maria got on the ring apron to distract. Tanahashi released the hold to confront Maria, then Bennett accidentally bumped Maria off the ring apron. Maria re-entered the ring, so Tanahashi put Maria in a Cloverleaf, popping the crowd. Bennett superkicked Tanahashi to save Maria, then Bennett and Tanahashi resumed a one-on-one battle. Tanahashi tried High Fly Flow from the top, but Bennett got his knees up in-time. Bennett followed with a spear for a two count. Bennett then applied The Vice to boos and Tanahashi rolled Bennett over for a pin, but Maria grabbed ref Todd Sinclair for a make-out. In the background, Bennett used the illegal piledriver, then Sinclair returned to the ring to count a nearfall only.

Bennett then took Tanahashi to the ring apron and teased another illegal piledriver, but Tanahashi blocked. Tanahashi then gripped Bennett for a modified Tiger Suplex onto the ring apron. Tanahashi then climbed to the top turnbuckle and delivered a big cross-body block to the outside. Back in the ring, Tanahashi delivered High Fly Flow for a clean three count. Afterward, Bennett and Maria hobbled away from ringside while the crowd chanted, “Please come back,” to Tanahashi.