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Monday Night RAW: July 8 Results

We see replays of Mike and Maria Kanellis appearing on last week’s RAW. Mike has flowers for Maria in their dressing room now. Mike apologizes for what happened last week and says he’s not been himself. He’s so excited they’re having their second baby. This ends with Maria ordering Mike to get her some pickles and ice cream, unless he wants her to eat the flowers.

Maria and Mike Kanellis are backstage. She’s worried about getting fat if she eats the pickles and ice cream. She asks if he would want to get her pregnant if she wasn’t already pregnant. He would. She says he will never get her pregnant again. Renee wonders if Mike is really the father.


RAW – July 1, 2019 Results

Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch were interviewed about their relationship and the upcoming match at Extreme Rules, but were interrupted by Mike and Maria Kanellis. They talked trash, and a match was made.

Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch defeated Mike and Maria Kanellis. During the match, Maria avoided being attacked by announcing that she’s pregnant. In the confusion, Becky Lynch hip-tossed Mike into the ring and tapped him out with the Disarmer. After the match, Maria said she was ashamed that Mike is the father of her children, and that next time she’ll ask Becky Lynch to impregnate her.


May 21: 205 Live Results

Mike and Maria Kanellis get a promo backstage where Mike scoffs about the idea that he needs a showcase match to prove that he’s the best, and tonight is about watching the destruction of the friendship between Brian Kendrick and Akira Tozawa. Maria says her husband will prove he’s better than the best.

205 Live Results – May 7

Today’s opening promo is Mike and Maria Kanellis talking about how Akira Tozawa has no chance, and Brian Kendrick and Tozawa get a counterpoint where Kendrick says it’s simple— Mike is screwed.

Mike and Maria Kanellis run into Drake Maverick backstage and thank him for banning Kendrick from ringside. He says he’s glad they’re on the same page but stops Maria when they leave and informs her that she is also banned from ringside.

Akira Tozawa over Mike Kanellis by pinfall with the diving senton and a bit of help from some chairs. (No Disqualification Match)
Maria comes and gets her husband and Kendrick comes down to celebrate with his pal.


205 Live – April 23 Results

Drake Maverick is chatting with Maria and Mike Kanellis backstage when Brian Kendrick rolls up. He blames Maria for his boy Tozawa losing last week but she says Akira had better look in the mirror. Kendrick again says he just wants to talk and Tozawa can do his own fighting and he was just the distraction anyways.


Smackdown Live Results [July 11, 2017]

We see Maria Kanellis backstage walking. She knocks on the men’s locker room door and Chad Gable answers. She asks if Sami Zayn is in there because he owes her an apology. Gable checks but Sami isn’t there. Maria tells Gable to tell Sami that the First Lady of SmackDown is looking for him. She walks off.

Back from the break and Sami Zayn walks up on lovebirds Mike & Maria Kanellis. Sami is a bit put off by their PDA. Maria says Sami owes them an apology but he says he’s already given them one. He goes on about how they should apologize for being in his way on two occasions. He wonders what they even do here and takes a shot at Mike. Maria delivers a big slap to the face and Mike cracks a vase of flowers over the back of Sami’s head. Maria talks some trash before leaving with Mike as Sami sells the vase shot on the floor.



WWE Money in the Bank PPV results

The couple made their WWE debut (technically for Maria, her return) with a new gimmick, complete with an addictive theme song and hearts a plenty on the TitanTrons around them. Hearts appear on the stage and Maria and Mike Kanaliss walk out on the stage. Maria says she has been searching for the perfect partner. Mike says Maria found him.  Maria described by saying, “The first lady is back in WWE to educate everyone on SmackDown Live about the power of love.”

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Impact Wrestling [12/8] Results

Maria and Laurel Van Ness make their way to the ring. Followed by Laurel’s opponent Allie. Maria gets on the mic and mocks Allie. Tells her that she can’t wrestle and isn’t in proper wrestling gear. Allie says that she has been training to wrestle. Maria laughs at her. Asks Allie who trained her. Allie gets in Laurel’s face and says Braxton Sutter. Sutter makes his way to the ring for this match to be in Allie’s corner.

Laurel Van Ness vs. Allie

Madison Rayne is on commentary. She sells this match on commentary, as if Allie is a complete novice. Allie hits a nice arm drag on Laurel to start things off. They both tie up in the ring, Allie escapes and hits another arm drag. Laurel fight back briefly, but Sutter’s instructions help Allie counter Laurel’s offense. When Van Ness does gain control. She starts to beat down Allie in front of Braxton, and taunts him. Allie eventually fires up, hits multiple clotheslines on Laurel. Then suplexes her. Allie goes over to Braxton for approval after every move, she executes. Both women run at each other and hit double clotheslines. With both women down, The ref starts the 10 count. Sutter gets on the apron to encourage Allie to get up. Mike Bennett is out and he knocks Sutter off the apron. Braxton and Bennett start trading punches outside the ring. They brawl up the rampway. Allie sees Braxton leaving and starts to panic. Laurel sneaks up behind Allie and attacks her. Van Ness then starts taunting a fallen Allie. Gets Allie back on her feet, Allie counters out of a tie up with Laurel and hits a reverse DDT on her. Covers Van Ness and pins her for the victory.

Allie defeats Laurel Van Ness by pinfall

Maria tries to sneak up on Allie after the match. Allie spots her and Maria runs away.


TNA Wrestling: Bound For Glory PPV Results

Jeremy Borash interviews Chef Robert Irvine about his wife, Gail Kim’s, TNA Hall of Fame induction ceremony tonight. Mike Bennett and Maria interrupt Irvine and tell him to leave. Irvine says that he has a premonition, tonight will be a very bad night for Bennett and Maria.

Maria says that tonight is about miracles and she will prove she is the best Knockouts Champion of all time. Bennett says that Maria will handle Gail, while he will handle MOOSE. These people might be saying MOOSE, but by the end of tonight, they will be saying, “Yes We Do.”

TNA Knockouts Title: Maria Kanellis (c) w/Allie vs. Gail Kim

Maria says before the match that she has some bad news. She met with the doctor and her hand is still broken and she cannot compete tonight. Allie says that she has super good news, the doctor said she can compete tonight. Maria calls Allie stupid and says she won’t be wrestling. Maria slaps Gail and the bell sounds as Gail gives chase. Maria uses Allie as a shield as a way to hit Gail. In the ring, Maria gets 2. Maria goes to work on Gail. Maria takes off the cast on her hand and continues the attack on Gail. Gail fights back, but Maria nails her with a clothesline and a spinebuster for 2. Maria yells at Gail to stay down. Mike Bennett comes out and throws the cast to Maria, but Gail stops it. Gail nails Bennett off the apron, then while the ref was distracted, Maria nails Gail with the cast, but Gail kicks out! Maria asks Allie to hand her the cast, but Allie throws it to Gail. Gail throws the cast away and goes to work on Maria. Gail takes Maria down and locks in the Ringpost Figure Four. Back in, Gail flips Maria off and hits Eat Defeat to win the title.

Winner and NEW TNA Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim by pinfall (Eat Defeat)

Gail celebrates with her family and friends after as Bennett checks on Maria. Bennett grabs the mic and whines about how this was not supposed to go down. Bennett rips on the crowd and says he is shutting this show down and there is no one who can stop me! The lights go out and music plays for the debut of Cody and Brandi Rhodes, who make their way to the ring. Cody and Bennett stare each other down in the ring. Loud chant for Cody in Orlando. Maria gets in Cody’s face and tells him he shouldn’t be here that he should go back to the WWE, but then Brandi gets in Maria’s face. Maria slaps Brandi, but Brandi nails Maria. Cody and Bennett trade strikes, but then Cody wipes him out with Beautiful Disaster! The Bennetts go fleeing as the Rhodes stand tall in the ring.

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Impact Wrestling 9/29/16 Results

Backstage, Maria is back to yelling at Allie. The First Lady tells Allie heading into BFG everything must be perfect unlike last week. She forces Allie to apologize multiple times. Laurel Van Ness rolls in and Maria tells Allie how much better LVN is compared to her. She then instructs Allie to introduce LVN in the match tonight and don’t mess it up.

Backstage, Lashley is talking to his team. He tells them if they win, he will make sure that one of those guys will get the first shot at his TNA title. And that guy will be the one who earns it by taking out Ethan Carter.

There is a previously taped sit down interview with Maria and Gail Kim conducted by McKenzie Mitchell. Gail Kim calls Maria a bully, a manipulator, and just evil. Gail talks about how special it will be to finally get her hands on Maria. The First Lady says that TNA isn’t a wrestling company but an entertainment company and Maria is in the star making business. Gail says it’s not about the title or the HOF but about getting her hands on Maria finally.

Lethal Lockdown Match

Maria slowly makes her way to the ring. She says she’s not ready to enter the ring so waits on the outside. Therefore, it is pretty even in the ring between the two teams.
Gail Kim’s time to come out has come and she runs down, chases Maria around the ring, and puts her in the ring. Maria hides behind her husband but then he is knocked over by EC3. Maria then runs to the back and Gail chases after her.